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How to Order: Nerves-Free Procedure for Any Client

Japharmacy ordering process is as easy as you do shopping online. In fact, it is almost the same. But. From our side, we designated the online platform that instantly proceeds the orders. From your side, we require responsibility and prescription if you order prescription medication.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions about our ordering process:


  • How to order at Japharmacy?


You can do it in two steps. First off, you can contact us by calling or faxing. Indicate what medication you require, quantity, and dosage. Secondly, you can proceed with our online ordering processes. You need to sign up with our website.


  • What information should I indicate?


For the ordering process, you need personal credentials, delivery address, and payment information. Make sure to indicate everything without mistakes. Otherwise, we will not be able to proceed with your order.


  • How to choose several medications?


You can click on the box indicated below each item. It will be automatically added to the cart. After when you are done with the selection, you can remove unnecessary medications from the cart from the same page.


  • Do we verify?


After you confirmed your order, we will start processing it. You will receive a confirmation message to your email or by a call. Note, we will obligatorily verify your order with you to avoid mistakes of misplaced orders.


  • How long does it take to verify my order?


It takes a few minutes only with online ordering, and instantly when you order with us by calling.

Note, if you have an order for prescription medication, you should attach a valid doctor’s prescription. If you do not attach it, we cannot start processing it.