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Generic Drugs: Our Bestsellers and Prices

As you know, generic drugs are the pharmaceutical golden standard for those who want to save on medications and even profit by bundles or offers. They are sometimes underestimated and one can only say something wrong such as generics are not reliable or harmful. Note, they do not differ much from their brand analogs, they have just different manufacturing process and may look different in tablets, capsules, and packaging.

At Japharmacy, we receive generics only from reliable manufacturers who have all documentation and licenses to manufacture them. So, we do not cooperate with illegal parties. After we receive a supply of meds, we solely check whether the packaging is unsealed and all the supporting documents are present.

Today, mostly we use ED generics that are popular worldwide with their efficacy and price. Some of our bestsellers are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Take a look.

Viagra is the leading ED pill in history. Sometimes, it is called a blue pill or men’s magic pill. Its active ingredient Sildenafil citrate works by enhancing the blood flow to the penis which then results in a steady erection. Unlike branded Viagra, the generic Viagra may cost $0.35 per tablet.

Cialis is analog to Viagra with the same mechanism of action. Its active ingredient is Tadalafil. It guarantees men an erection stimulation for up to 6 hours on average. However, some formulas may provide men with the time frame of 48 hours. It costs approximately $1 per tablet.

Levitra with Vardenafil is the third bestseller at Japharmacy. It may cost you $1 as well. And, your partner won’t understand if you take any medications for erection, of course, if you do not want to reveal this fact.

Alongside ED generics, we have many more to offer you. Contact our customer support team, explain to us what bothers you the most, and we will try to do our best to help you.