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Delivery and Shipping Matters

At Japharmacy, we deliver nationally. Currently, we do not ship worldwide.

For local deliveries, we use post-delivery or with a courier. You may select what fits you best. The time frame for delivery takes approximately 1 week. However, you may face delays if there any national holidays ongoing, but it won’t delay your order for more than 2-3 days only.

Upon the delivery, you have to be at home, or at the indicated address. To pick it up, please show the ID so that a party can confirm it belongs to you.

For home deliveries when you are not at home, ensure someone can receive it for you. Otherwise, the delivery service will have to send it to the nearest post-office. It can be stored there for up to one month only, then we receive it back.

We do not hold any responsibility for delays from the courier-delivery side. However, we do our best to cooperate only with the fastest services. If your parcel is not with you after 1 week of time, contact us and we will try to follow up. If it was stolen, lost, we can reimburse your money or resend the parcel, you can choose.

If the parcel comes damaged, you can reject to accept it but again please inform us about such a situation. We will also resend it or reimburse your money.

In the case, you received your parcel, and did not find it suitable for you, such events are not subjects for reimbursement or resending.

For more information, contact our customer support team, we are ready to assist you.